Blogs aren’t online journals.

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If you’re like me, you probably despise those bloggers who enjoy telling you every single detail of their lives. Not just a small anecdote here or a funny story there, but what is practically an itinerary of what they did on that day.

Here is a message for all you Dear Diary bloggers: I don’t care.

I seriously just don’t and neither do most people. There is a difference between giving an opinion or presenting facts in journal style (ie. THIS) and and actual journal. I don’t care how many times you sneezed or how totes embarrassing it was when your crush spoke to you.

Blogs are blogs,  not diaries. Blogs. Make it meaningful, make it mean, give an opinion. Don’t give us all a play by play of your walk to school.

If not, get a live journal and set it to private.

Another thing right there: shouldn’t a journal be private?

I have a real-life hard cover book as my journal where I jot down thoughts and ideas. It’s wrapped away in the bag I’m carrying around and anyone but myself touches it and they better be prepared to face my wrath. You can’t seriously expect something written online to stay personal or just in your group of friends. If you don’t want anyone to know it real life, chances are you don’t want anyone online knowing it either.

Geez, what else is there to rant about in this meaningless world of utter discontent and melancholy? Oh yeah, that.

This the killer for me. Those thirteen year olds who blog about how much they hate there life and how close they are to -gasp!- rebelling against their parents and putting on those one inch to high heels. Because seriously, not getting $10 extra phone credit is the end of the world as we know it. Try having one of those phones that only let you call the emergency services and your parents.

But the over all point is, blogs are not journals. Spare us all. Please.

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Ok, I’m a user of YouTube occasionally.

And by occasionally I mean probably once every two months or something like that. But over the last few years, am I the only one who has noticed the amount crap and copyrighted gunk taking over the place?

I mean all these spoofs of movies by three year olds? It’s retarded.

Obviously some of the younger stars of the videos have been exploited into them by their parents, whatever. But seriously, there has to be some sort of variation on the theme eventually. Just type ‘Twilight Spoof’ into YouTube and the pretty much you’ll get x amount of videos with pretty much the same content and a terrible voice over.

Also, all these weekly video blogs. Mostly they are just shit.

They have nothing to do with anything, they must take hours to film (especially the top rated ones) but they are just… stupid. I don’t find Shane funny, I’m sorry I just don’t. I just look at his face and want to slap it. I mean how old is he? My 10 year old sister is funnier than him.

I also feel really sorry for all those ‘dancing fat kids’ that are on there. How humiliating for them. It kind of upsets me a bit that their parents wouldn’t wonder why they were filming themselves doing that sort of thing and stop them.

Plus there’s all that Adult Content, I never thought YouTube would be used as a porn site. I was wrong. You’d think that they at least would block it from the homepage.

There is also some REALLY gross stuff on there that I don’t even want to think about. (Two Girls One Cup) I mean that’s just nasty. Although the reactions of people watching it are pretty hilarious.

Which brings me to my next point: What is the funniest video you have ever watched on YouTube?

Comment me your answer.

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From Irritating to Adorable

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NOWell, in first post I’m going to go on a little bitch fest on just three of the things that annoy me beyond belief. See I have a very long extensive mental list of annoyances, but these are the ones that resurface constantly, no matter how much I try and shut them out.

1. Peopleeee whooooo talllk liiiike thiiisss.

Okay, this one shouldn’t make me murderously angry but it does. I’m young. That makes me part of a generation that grew up with a semi-good education (I’m still at school). I don’t live in  a developing country and I have access to a dictionary. Most of my friends, like me, have facebook. And most of them talk like they have sticky keys.

I’m all for abbreviations, but writing like that just takes longer to type. I don’t see why the word ‘you’ has to be extended  to ‘yoooh’. It’s pointless and it annoys most people who read it. Just write normally, most of the people I know are pretty smart, why talk like that? It makes you look like a complete idiot, to people older, younger and the same age as you.

2. Justin Bieber

I don’t care if his hair is ‘oh-so-sexy’, he sounds like a girl, sings about being so deeply in love before he has even reached puberty and just generally annoys me. I hope that water bottle hurt you BIEBZ. Parent Approved rap was never going to be ‘real music’.

3. The X-Factor

It’s back and it’s still as crap as it was last year, and the year before, and the year before. It’s obviously rigged, the most talented never wins. The only funny parts are the auditions and even then I want to kick Simon in his smarmy, perfectly whitened teeth. I don’t watch it, don’t tell me about it. The sign I’m bored of you talking about it is my repeated slamming of my head into the nearest hard surface.


Ok, like anyone I am like a four year old when it comes to cute things. The main cute thing that I love at the moment are Pandas. They are fascinating animals, sadly though, they are also endangered animals. So, if you like Pandas as much as me, this is an awesome website to visit:

You can read up and expand your Panda knowledge and join the Panda protectors. You can also adopt a Panda, for 500, 5000 or 50,000, and get updates and photographs of it. I would love to do that but I don’t have the money. Every penny donated to this website goes towards the conservation of the Giant Panda and it’s relatives.

If you’re just into Pandas for the cuteness, look up the sneezing baby Panda on YouTube, and this is great website:

Here is my personal favourite, I just want to reach in and hug the Panda. :3

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